Start a successful real estate career.

Starting off your real estate business in Maryland involves getting your real estate license. The first step is to sign up for the licensing course that is 60 hours

Here are the options 

1. On-Demand / Independent Study (at your pace with no live instructor). Once you make your payment, you can start right away. 

2. Face to face. This offers you the opportunity to go to a location and a set schedule.

3. Virtual with a live instructor. This will offer a set schedule based on the school and the instructor. Most of the schools will use ZOOM. ** This is for a limited time during the COVID-19 period. 

***Note that it does not matter which school you pick; all go through the 60-hour course approved by the Real Estate Commission. The cost of the course is from $250 to about $400.

For a complete list of all approved education providers, please visit the Maryland Real Estate Commission Website -

Once you complete the 60-hour course, which includes a final exam; the next step shall be to pass the State Licensing Exam. The final step will be to sign up with a brokerage or Real Estate company, pay the licensing fee, and start off your successful real estate career.   

Ready to sign up for a course?

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