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Is real estate the career to get into today?

Congratulations! You started the journey into a Real Estate Career, now what? Share the opportunity with others or continue your research. YES. Real estate is booming. Sellers are experiencing multiple offers and buyers are making decisions on homes much faster, which leads to you getting paid quicker than before.

Whenever you feel down, take comfort in the fact that your situation is only temporary. Be intentional about your growth and come up with a plan. Rachel Montañez

On the third Monday of the month at 5:00 pm, we shall offer an informational session.


Answers to these questions, will be shared.

1. What is the cost to become a real estate agent or REALTOR?

2. What do you need to do to get started and have a successful career?

3. How do you go about selecting a broker?

*** Private tutoring sessions available to get you ready to pass the real estate licensing exam ***

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Using QR CODES in your business

Getting found on Google

What can you expect on the NATIONAL/GENERAL part of the exam?

Ready to review CONTRACTS?

Do you need an extension to take the Maryland Real Estate Licensing exam?

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