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Do you need an extension to take the Maryland Real Estate Licensing exam?

Did you complete the licensing course over 6 months ago? Are you currently taking the course? Are you scheduled to take the State Exam? Life events have taken place and you need a refresher. No worries.

The art of reading and studying consists of remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential”.

Firstly, log onto the PSI website and schedule your exam within the next 32 days. Secondly, plan your calendar, block out time, and spend it on the topics that need your attention. The PSI Candidate Bulletin maps out what to expect on the exam. Thirdly, break down your review sessions into smaller bits to make it manageable to go through all the content.

At this time, the Maryland Real Estate Commission will or can grant you a 6-month extension. What? YES! The law has not changed. You do have a one-year time limit to take the exam and pass from the completion of your course. However, due to COVID-19, PSI testing locations were closed for 2 months. Send an email to request your extension, if granted, you will receive an email with instructions. Spend the time wisely. Check out this website for the email address 

We offer group sessions that review the National/General with 80 questions and Maryland Real Estate Law with 30 questions. The focus is on the top 3 topics presented on the licensing exam. Each session is three hours. We go through several quizzes and breakdown the content for you to remember the definitions and the laws.

Do you prefer to have your own time to plug in any holes? Then a private tutor session is perfect for you. We offer a customized study plan to go through the content using the resources you already have access to. Check out the entire schedule and map out your study time.

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