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Course finished, now what?

Once you complete the licensing course, along with the final exam, you will receive an email from PSI (, check your junk/spam folder. If it has been over 4 weeks, and you have not received the email, contact the school administrator of the school that you registered with for the course.

Create your account with PSI - and you will have the option to pay the exam fee of $44 and come back later to register for the exam date. We recommend that you schedule the test as soon as possible. You have the option to reschedule within 2 days prior to your test date.

Each time you work on the State licensing exam, the cost is $44. What does this mean? If things do not work out well (pass) on the Maryland Real Estate Law exam with 30 questions, you can reschedule to go back and test only on the Maryland Real Estate Law content. To sit for that part of the exam again, the cost is still $44. Each time that you go back to work on passing the exam with a 70% grade or better, the cost is $44.

*** Let’s get you ready to pass the exam today - ***

You can take the exam as many times as your budget allows. Do keep in mind that you have one year from your course completion date to pass both parts of the exam. 

We offer review sessions on the Maryland Real Estate Law with 30 questions, National/General with 80 questions, and private tutoring sessions as well. Check out the schedule - 

Call or send a text message for any additional assistance - 410-600-7837

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