Using QRCODES to Simplify Your Business.

Brenda Kasuva, Real Estate Educator

TouchLESS or ContactLESS sign in sheets using QRCODES.

What is a QR Code?
QR stands for "Quick Response". It is a type of barcode that can be read easily by a digital device and can direct someone to a website.

In this session you will gain three things:

  • APPS to use when at an open house, seminars or events to capture the contact information. (OpenHomePro and Open House)

  • BONUS - Website address shortener. When a website address (URL) is too long for us to quickly share, you can shorten it and make it easier to share it.

  • Create a digital form using Google Forms and connect it with a QR Code

  • Setting up a QRCode. The tool selected is QRCode Tiger

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Using QRCODES to Simplify Your Business.

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