Use Google Alerts to generate business. (REPLAY)

Brenda Kasuva, Real Estate Educator

Let's explore using GOOGLE ALERTS in your real estate business. Are you looking to be the expert in a certain area? Be in the know about what is posted online about yourself, family, company, brand, listings etc? This is the session for you to grow your business and expertise.

In this replay you will learn

  • How to set up an alert on Google Alerts to receive instant notification

  • Ideas as to what to set an alert for.. Your name, company, neighborhood etc

  • Why you should set up an alert today, at least your name

  • Be in the know of an area or topic that you are looking to become the expert or go to person on that topic

  • Blog ideas and so much more.

Let's connect online and share your progress 


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Guide on using GOOGLE ALERTS

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Use Google Alerts to generate business. (REPLAY)

I want this!